Throwback Thursday – a handmade birthday card

Its often been said that a sense of humour lasts a lifetime.   Recently(ish) my Mum unearthed this little gem of a handmade card that I created for her 45th birthday.  I would have been about 15 at the time.

On the front of the card it reads

Happy 45th 21st Birthday Mummy

At the time, not only did I know its good to suck up, but note the finely used sarcasm of the word “Mummy“.


IMG_3795 Inside the card is a short poem, on the left reads –

Of all the other

Mums I’ve known

I think you are the


Even if you wear my

old petticoats for

a vest

Now this is clearly why I never write poetry. This also highlights how little money we had growing up.  Mum wore my cast off old petticoat from under my school uniform to keep warm in winter.

On the right hand side it reads –

I was going to write a really good poem but I wrote this instead so it wouldn’t out do yours. 

Love from

Paula & the Girls

P.S. I was going to stick dead butterflies on the front but I changed my mind.

Mum used to often write what would be considered slightly rude poems while we were at school.  Just to amuse herself while doing chores around home.  The peak season was Christmas where Santa was often the topic of her poetic wrath.  We’d often come home to read through her “work” from the day and giggle over them.

“The girls” were my pet rats at the time of writing the card.

As for the dead butterflies…

Well flip over to the back of the card…

I stuck them on the back instead.


Let me assure you, the butterflies were already deceased through natural causes long before I repurposed their corpses.  I remember laughing over the dead butterflies on the back .  I also remember the shrieks of laughter from friends and the “ewwwww” reaction.

A treasure from my teenage years…

This is also why I don’t work for Hallmark 😉



  1. Hallmark could use a bit of individuality instead of pumping out more of the same old. It’s so hard to find a card which says something half decent inside. Yours is beautiful! xx Rowena

      • That’s just the sort of card kids should make for their parents and grandparents. I once made my grandmother a t-towels for Christmas which had bells appliqued onto it and sequin streamers. She never used any of the presents we gave her so it didn’t need to be practical. I miss her!

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