Hokokuji Temple – The Bamboo Forest Temple, Kamakura, Japan

Hokokuji Temple

While we were in Tokyo last year, we took a day trip to the town of Kamakura which is known for its many beautiful temples.  It took about an hour on the train and was very easy to get to.

A wonderful friend met us from the train, and then drove us around the temples for the day.  I’m not entirely sure how easy it would be to get around on your own but I understand its very popular with tourists so I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem.

My friend had picked a number of “the best” temples to visit and each was very unique.

To me, the highlight looking back was Hokokuji Temple.  It’s a beautiful, serene garden with a meandering path that leads you to an incredible bamboo forest.

Japanese Matcha Tea
Japanese Matcha Tea

Within the forest is a tea house which I believe is included in your price (forgive me for being vague as my friend was kind enough to pay).  They serve you traditional matcha tea which comes with sugar cubes (they look like sweets).  You place the cube on your tongue and then drink the incredibly bitter green tea.

The atmosphere is unbelievably peaceful, the tea … well lets just say, I prefer English Breakfast.

As you leave the tea garden, you walk back through some beautifully manicured gardens, complete with a shingle “zen” garden.

Certainly a lovely way to spend a quiet hour or so.  It was a lot less crowded that the other temples we visited and definitely a place where you could have a quiet moment of contemplation.

Hokokuji Temple garden
Hokokuji Temple garden

Hokokuji Temple

Hokokuji Temple


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