Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Main Street is very similar to Disneyland’s in look and feel. At the entrance is the train station and at the end is  Sleeping Beauty Castle.  The buildings along the edges which look like separate buildings are mostly linked shops, again much like Disneyland.

There are a few differences though, firstly, no horse drawn trams so there aren’t any tram tracks.  Also the Art of Animation is a Main Street attraction, in the same location at Disneyland as the Disney Gallery.  One of the nice things about Main Street is that you can see the forested hills in the background which gives the park a very unique feel.

The buildings are still reminisent of early 20th century small town America, based on Marceline, Missouri where Walt Disney lived as a child.  However the buildings here often have a theme regarding European immigrants, perhaps echoing Hong Kong’s own past?

I highly recommend the iced chocolate from the bakery – wonderful on a hot, sticky Hong Kong day.

While we were visiting some of the buildings were having maintenance done so had scrims up showing the buildings behind – you can see this on the right hand side of this photo.

P1180356 P1180358 P1180359 P1180362 P1180363 P1180364 P1180365 P1180366 P1180367 P1180368 P1180369 P1180371 P1180535 P1180536 P1180726 P1180736


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