Themed public bathrooms on the Disney Wonder

First up, these bathrooms are spotless. I’m fairly sure they are as clean as the dining rooms, if not more so. Huge shoutout to the crew who keep these public areas clean as they do an amazing job!

There are a number of themes for the bathrooms on this ship based upon their location on the ship.

Starting from the top down, up on deck 10, near Palo, the speciality adult only dining venue is the beautiful and unique bathroom. This was the only one with cloth hand towels instead of paper towels.




Deck 9 is the pool deck and all the bathrooms on this floor have a beach theme to them in shades of blue and white.



Other public decks on 5, 4 & 3 for the most part are black and white with neon round lights around the mirrors.




The final theme (or at least that I could find) is on deck 4 in the Route 66 area.



I’m not sure if I found all the public bathrooms on the ship, so let me know if I missed one 🙂


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