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Disney Cruise Line vs Royal Caribbean

Usually I’m one to fastidiously plan a trip months ahead of travel but with needing to use up the last of my leave before starting a new job on Monday (yikes!), an immediate plan was put in place.  Researched on Thursday, booked on Friday and travelled the following Wednesday. I initially looked at tours but … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Do these glasses make me look smarter?

Disney Cruise Line – Soups & Salads

This is the last in my series about Disney Cruise Line food (for now at least).  Don’t forget to check out my other posts about Desserts, Sweets and chocolate, Vegetarian Dining, Sundaes and Creme Brûlées and Sweet Temptations Desserts.  Don’t ask me why they are mostly about desserts – that would be a stupid question. Onto the … Continue reading

Disney Cruise Line – Desserts, Sweets and … chocolate …

One of the things I love most about Disney Cruise Line is the lunch buffet dessert selections.  Towards the bottom of this post are two photos with blue rimmed plates – these are from the lunch buffet.  OMG, this is dessert heaven!  The little tartlets on the Alaska cruise we did were amazing, so good they … Continue reading

Disney Cruise Line – Food, glorious food

Although I’m vegetarian, my Mum isn’t so thats why some of the meals in the photos below contain meat. The last 3 photos are meals from the Children’s menu.  Although we don’t cruise with children, Mum occassionally orders off the children’s menu if nothing appeals on the main menu. Dining tip 1 – the buffalo fries … Continue reading

Disney Cruise Line – Vegetarian Dining – flavour and labelling and lack thereof

In the past on Disney Cruise Line, we had two complaints about the dining.  The first complaint was the food was bland, the food in the main dining rotation seemed to have had all the taste sucked out of it and was lacking flavour. When we did our Transatlantic cruise back in 2010, the first night after … Continue reading

Disney Cruise Line – Sundaes and Creme Brûlées

The one thing that people always talk about when cruising is the food.  As the saying goes, you go on as passengers and come off as cargo.  You know you have had a good cruise then you consider restyling the bedsheets as your disembarkation outfit… Disney Cruise Line is no exception, though they aren’t necessarily considered … Continue reading

Disney Cruise Line – Sweet Temptations Desserts

A few years ago Disney Cruise line introduced the Sweet Temptations dessert option on their menu. Every night on the menu, the desserts are different.  This options depend on the evening’s dining theme and can also change depending on your itinerary. Often I can’t choose a single dessert, they all sound good, so the sweet temptations … Continue reading

Treasure Ketch – shopping on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

While Mickey’s Mates sell items primarily aimed at the younger cruiser, Treasure Ketch is aimed more at adults. Here you will find OTC medicines, magazines and books, adult clothing, duty free fragrances, jewellery and so on. While you are onboard, you use your room key to purchase all items and the total goes on your … Continue reading

Mickey’s Mates – shopping on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Mickey’s Mates is one of two shops on the Disney Wonder cruise ship.   This store sells primarily items for children – toys, children’s clothing, princess outfits, trading pins etc   The second store, Treasure Ketch has more adult appealing merchandise and sundries. While you are onboard, you essentially don’t use cash, you use your room … Continue reading

Themed public bathrooms on the Disney Wonder

First up, these bathrooms are spotless. I’m fairly sure they are as clean as the dining rooms, if not more so. Huge shoutout to the crew who keep these public areas clean as they do an amazing job! There are a number of themes for the bathrooms on this ship based upon their location on … Continue reading

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