Visiting Grandma

Celia over the last couple of months has really started letting us know what she likes.  The list is starting to get quite long.  From a quiet, timid wee sausage to a bouncing, exuberant girl, she’s a completely different dog than when we got her nearly 9 months ago.

On the list of things she loves –

  • breakfast
  • going for a walk
  • going in the car
  • us coming home from work
  • raw hide chewy sticks
  • going to bed for a cuddle
  • helping “wash” the dishes
  • playing with us or Alice

Yesterday, Grandma baby sat and I received this email from her a couple of hours after they were dropped off (they got to go back to bed for a bit and have a sleep in with Grandma)  – “Celia screamed with excitement for several minutes when I got back into bed. Then I got a severe washing and was never allowed to stop stroking her for the next hour.”

But I think the thing she loves even more than even visiting Grandma, is perhaps, visiting Grandma’s treat jar…



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