Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday 3rd May – Sunday 10th May 1942

May 3-10

Click here for entry for Monday 27th April – Saturday 2nd May 1942

Sunday May 3

Day 392

Section stalks during morning near Old Ruins above camp.  Wrote in afternoon. Playing cards in evening.  Started our shift on guard at road block.

Monday May 4

Day 393

Continued with road block guard.  Washed all clothes and had wash(?) by well.

Tuesday May 5

Day 394

Early reveille.  Transported in lorries to range at Idlib.  Firing bren & rifles.  Arrived back at 3.30PM.  Weather becoming very warm.

Wednesday May 6

Day 395

Small routine march to Monastery of Thousand Virgins during morning.  Played cards in afternoon & evening.  Passed in battle dress.

Thursday May 7

Day 396

Another small routine march down bitumen road past drome.  On drome at night.

Friday May 8

Day 397

Strange Cargo (1940)
Strange Cargo (1940)

Had our 20 mile march leaving camp at 6.30AM.  Cut across trench through fields passing many olive groves.  Passed through 4 native villages reaching road 15 miles from camp at midday.  Arrived home at 3PM.  Thoroughly done.  Went to well, had a makeshift shower – beautiful cool water.

Saturday May 9

Day 398

Easy morning. Pay.  Leave to Aleppo in afternoon.  Visited Citadel and saw “Strange Cargo”.

Sunday May 10

Day 399

On cook house fatigues.  Received cable from Marg.

Click here for entry for Monday 11th May – Sunday 17th May 1942




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