Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday 11th May – Sunday 17th May 1942

May 11-17

Click here for diary entry for Sunday 3rd May – Sunday 10th May 1942

Monday May 11

Day 400

Parades and squad during morning.  Free afternoon.  S.A took big convoy of lorries to Turkish border.  Weather getting very hot.  Hard to sleep at nights.

Tuesday May 12

Day 401

Church parade.  Brigade band visited playing music for hymns.  Road block guard at night.

Wednesday May 13

Day 402

Continued on road block guard during day – was relieved  at 3PM.  At 7PM started on our weekly march.  Went over hills on westerly direction – rest for two hours from 1AM-3AM.

Thursday May 14

Day 403

Continued marching at 3AM and arrived a Idlib at 6.30AM.  Throughly done.  Breakfast at 7AM then hot shower.  Our lorries picked us up at 8AM.  Returning to camp.  Slept all day.

Friday May 15

Day 404

Easy day.  Duty rifle inspection. On drome guard at night.  C.O. came down catching us without our mosquito nets.  YMCA at camp showed “Stormy Weather”.

Saturday May 16

Day 405

Free morning.  C.O. had us on ??? on charge about nets, all got 7 days C.B. (Confined to barracks)  only consisting of reporting at 4-6-8PM.  Played cards at  night.

Sunday May 17

Day 406

Small routine march.  Lecture on map reading.  Wrote all afternoon.  Weather terribly hot.  Flies very irritating.



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