I love old dogs and I cannot lie

Sleeping in at the weekend - four dogs in the bed
Sleeping in at the weekend – four doglets in the bed

I love old dogs! There is something about giving a home to an older animal that is so rewarding.

We have just recently looked after a friends mini dachshund for a week while she went on a well deserved holiday. They are great wee girls – Penny aged 2 and Mina aged 1.

Sweet babies but they make our two – Alice aged 9 and Celia aged 5 seem like senior citizens.

I found them to be exhausting, not that I was having to do anything special for them, they got breakfast, dropped with “Grandma” during the day, picked up after work, walked, dinner, then bed. Nothing unusual or difficult and apart from the dropping with “Grandma” nothing different to our usual routine.

But they wore me out watching them. Alice and Celia are more than happy to sit “watching tv” for the evening. Penny and Mina are not content to sit still for long – like children, they are fidgeting, switching laps, going in and out the cat door exploring the garden and watching out the various windows.

Walking of the hounds
Walking of the hounds – the neighbours quivering in fear at the sight of this pack

Old dogs know the rules and what is expected of them. This is two way communication and they have learnt how to make their needs known.

They can learn new tricks. They are old, not stupid! Its easier to teach them something new, often easier that when they are a foolish – not listening – puppy.

As much as we all enjoyed having Penny & Mina to stay, it was awfully nice to see their lovely Mum come and pick them up to take them home.

Penny making herself at home at Grandma's place
Penny making herself at home at Grandma’s place
Look at those little attentive faces
Look at those little attentive faces


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