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Dogs in the National Gallery of Victoria

Last weekend as we were enjoying a sweaty balmy 38C in Melbourne, we visited the huge, incredible and heavily air-conditioned National Gallery of Victoria. I’m not going to say too much about the gallery itself, other than its worth a visit.  It’s completely free and if you can’t find something of interest in there, there is something … Continue reading

Doglets go to the beach

It was a drizzly autumn day last weekend, and as dachshunds are fair weather doglets only, we decided to chance it and hope for the best with a trip to the beach. Good decision, as it cleared a bit while we were at the beach, and the doglets could have a good run around and … Continue reading

Dogs of Myanmar (photos)

Dogs in Myanmar for the most part seem to have ok lives. We saw them many times being fed by people and they don’t seem to be scavenging through rubbish like I have seen in some countries. However like many developing countries, vet care is likely non-existent except for perhaps those owned by the very wealthy. … Continue reading

I love old dogs and I cannot lie

I love old dogs! There is something about giving a home to an older animal that is so rewarding. We have just recently looked after a friends mini dachshund for a week while she went on a well deserved holiday. They are great wee girls – Penny aged 2 and Mina aged 1. Sweet babies … Continue reading

Doglets go to the beach

A friend asked if we wanted to meet with Alice and Celia at the beach with some other sausagey friends on Saturday.  We don’t live near the beach, its about 30 minutes away, so its a place we never take our doglets.  We aren’t consciously avoiding it, just we tend to go to parks nearer home. We had … Continue reading

Monkeys, Rats and assorted beasties – Rajasthan, India

Click here for the previous blog post about Sacred Cows, Elephants and Camels. There were a lot of smaller but no less important creatures we saw in India.  This is their blog post. You may like to check out my post about the Karni Mata temple Click here for more of my blog posts about India

The dogs of Ngong Ping Village (Lantau Island – Hong Kong)

I will have a post up in the next few days about the Cable Car and Ngong Ping Village but I couldn’t resist photographing some of the dogs there. Signs clearly said “no dogs” but these obviously can’t read 🙂

Doglets go on holiday

This past weekend we went to Picton to visit with some friends who were travelling through on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Alice and Celia had never been on holiday before, at least not with us, so we weren’t entirely sure how they would go. They had the best holiday ever! In planning for the trip, even … Continue reading

The love of my life …

Alice – photo taken by Furkidz Photography When the whole gay marriage argument was going on, one of the ridiculous things I heard was that next on the list would be people wanting to marry their dog.  Up until that point, it wasn’t something I had considered, and after careful thought, I have decided that … Continue reading

Don’t touch the animals (and would someone tell the animals please?)

Everytime I am about to go on holiday and visit the travel doctor for vaccines, malaria tablets and so on, they always drum into you, how you should never, never, ever, ever touch the animals in a foreign country due to the risk of rabies. Now I for one always avoid the captive animals such … Continue reading

To all the dogs I’ve loved before… Holly.

As Sam got older and became blind, we took in Holly. Holly was a long haired, German Shepherd and came from a family who were going overseas.  Holly was smart, smarter than was reasonable for a pet.  She was in many ways completely wasted being a companion animal and would have excelled as a working … Continue reading

To all the dogs I’ve loved before… Sam.

Seeing a post on Facebook this morning about who I’d sit with – not a single person sprung to mind.  What did hit me was the dogs I’ve loved and lost.  Not sure what this says about me as a person – that no one has ever touched my heart in the way that one … Continue reading

Celia… you’re breaking my heart… and couch, curtains, bed sheet…

Just before Christmas, following the passing of our beloved Hugo, we “rescued” a 4.5 year old dachshund. She’d had a hard life from what we were told, previous elderly owners had dementia and went into care.  Once that happened, she went back to the breeder who decided to have a litter from her and then … Continue reading

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