Dogs of Myanmar (photos)

Dogs in Myanmar for the most part seem to have ok lives. We saw them many times being fed by people and they don’t seem to be scavenging through rubbish like I have seen in some countries. However like many developing countries, vet care is likely non-existent except for perhaps those owned by the very wealthy.

Many had mange, likely fleas & worms and a small handful had visible wounds from fighting, but at the same time most were friendly and we’d often get a wagging tail if we stopped to take a photo.  A handful were timid, but they certainly seemed to be treated nicely by the locals and tourists alike.

In all cases, it’s ok to look but do not touch. They all potentially carry rabies, or a skin condition, such as ringworm, which you could contract through touch.

You will find dogs everywhere in Myanmar, on streets, at pagodas, scrounging for scraps at restaurants, sleeping so you need to walk around them or in shops.

Here are a few we saw on our trip.

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P1200988 P1210019 P1210066 P1210082 P1210092 P1210107 P1210121 P1210135 P1210142 P1210152 P1210154 P1210281 P1210294 P1210343 P1210344 P1210371 P1210379 P1210381 P1210433 P1210730 P1210731 P1220148 P1220149 P1220255 P1220268 P1220645 P1220688 P1220830 P1220858 P1220859 P1220966 P1230021 P1230168




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