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Walk along the Queenstown waterfront pathway

Following my picnic dinner on Monday (more on that later in the week), I decided to take the long way back to my motel via the Queenstown waterfront pathway.

From the grassy area near the Earnslaw dock, I started walking along towards the beachfront.
View while dining on Chinese


On a beautiful, summer evening (complete opposite to a few days last week), were a lot of people having picnics and a few bravely venturing into the water.  Although the weather was a balmy 25C, the lake stays a brisk 8-10C year round.  You have to be super keen to go in further than your tiptoes.

Some clever peeps were storing their drinks in the water to keep them cool – who needs a chilly bin when you have water this cold handy?

P1200689 P1200691 P1200692 P1200693 P1200694

At the end of the beach is a small children’s playground where you cross over a small stream and this takes you to the small peninsula that is the botanic gardens, Ice Arena, Frisbee Golf park and waterfront pathway that goes around it.


At this spot with the Fern statute, you can go up the hill into the gardens or continue along the waterfront pathway.  I chose the pathway.


To start, its paved, but after a while it becomes shingle – it would still be wheelchair accessible though.  There were lots of people walking, jogging and biking along here but it was much more peaceful than along the beachfront.

With waves of the lake lapping on the shore and the bird song, you feel you are miles from Queenstown.P1200699 P1200700 P1200701 P1200702

A number of people had found a quiet spot to just chill out.


And this couple were having a picnic.


Notice the pontoon is close to shore – its too cold to go further…


There are a number of park benches along the way if you want to stop and rest, while you enjoy the view.


Then as you turn away from Queenstown, the views are even more remarkable you might say…P1200711 P1200712 P1200713 P1200716 P1200717

Final look back to Queenstown…P1200718 P1200719 P1200720

And in case you didn’t get my “remarkable” pun just before, these are The Remarkables – mountains by summer, ski resort by winter.  At this time of year, virtually no snow but in winter they are covered.

P1200724 P1200725 P1200726 P1200728

In the park surrounded by the walkway, is a Frisbee Golf course – this looked to be very popular with lots of people playing amongst the trees.  This metal structure is one of the tees.


And this woody area is the course.


And the final photo I took as I headed back towards Queenstown.

P1200732The pathway carries on all the way through Frankton and to Arrowtown so if you were a keen walker or cyclist, this would be a wonderful day out!



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6 thoughts on “Walk along the Queenstown waterfront pathway

  1. Have you got a little map so we can see just where you are?

    Posted by suchled | December 17, 2014, 5:36 pm
  2. Good idea – I’ll try to remember to do that. Yes its right in the middle of Otago. Here is some info about the lake area http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Wakatipu

    Posted by The Sock Mistress | December 17, 2014, 10:24 pm
  3. So gorgeous! Makes me want to visit NZ even more!

    Posted by Life on a Dirt Road/BornForTravel.com | December 18, 2014, 3:28 am

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