St. Joseph’s Catholic Church – Queenstown, New Zealand

As I’m literally staying next to this church, I thought I’d pop in and visit.  St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Melbourne Street in Queenstown was built in 1898 to replace an earlier one on Church Street.  I can only imagine the view from here on the hill down towards the lake, it would have been amazing in the early 1900s before all the larger buildings popped up.

This small church building was designed by Francis William Petre in the Gothic style, and is made of local schist.

Of interest (at least to me) were the paintings, of which I have photographed one below.  These are are actually onto the wall itself, some of these seem to have some water or condensation damage, but they look as old as likely the church is.

For hours of the services both here and at other locations, check the official website for the parish.  They have the dates and times listed for Christmas and Easter services.

They also do services for the Filipino community and in Portuguese once a month.

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  1. Actually when you see some of the stuff you post on your blog it makes you realise that NZ is not just the small nation at the end of the universe and the only nation to have the guts to tell the Yanks to stick their Nuclear ship up their own canal but a little nation that punches well above their weight. And I am Aussie.

    • I am proud to be a Kiwi! Its a beautiful country.

      Though I could not have been prouder to have Australia as a neighbour with the outpouring of support to the Muslim community in the last couple of days after the nutter in the cafe. Way to show the world compassion and understanding for others!

    • Thanks. Its beautiful and the scenery here is simply spectacular!

      I have a number of posts coming up over the next two weeks about Queenstown including another small church which has an amazing carved, antique lecturn.

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