Arrowtown War Memorial and Cemetery

Overlooking the historic gold mining town of Arrowtown in Central Otago is the War Memorial and across the road the interesting, historic cemetery.

The War Memorial is currently undergoing renovations, due for completion by ANZAC Day, 25th April 2015.

The memorial was originally erected to commemorates those of Arrowtown who lost their lives in World War 1.  Subsequently, names were also added following World War 2.

There is an interesting PDF here that goes into more detail about some of the 18 men from Arrowtown killed during World War 1.
P1200848 P1200849

View from the memorial over the town
View from the war memorial over the town


This German made, Turkish field gun was captured by New Zealand forces in the Middle East during World War 1 and returned to New Zealand as a trophy

P1200850Across the road is the Arrowtown cemetery with graves for the early settlers including the Chinese miners though to more recent burials.

P1200855 P1200856 P1200857 P1200858 P1200859 P1200860 P1200861 P1200862 P1200864




  1. I ama great believer in memorials. But I am also a bit of a pedant. A cenotaph is a memorial for people we dont have details on. It actually means an open grave. So it is for the unknown soldier or the soldier who died and we have no idea where his remains are. Just think, “the front of all the war in France.”

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