What to do in transit at Changi? – Singapore Airport

How many times do you hear people say how much they love an airport?  LAX anyone?  I don’t think so.

But I can think of two I love, the first being Orlando International, the second is Changi.  Both of them have more a feel of a shopping mall than an airport.

So what do you do if you do have sometime in transit at Changi?  To tell you the truth you probably won’t have long enough!  There is so much to do to fill in your time.

  • See a movie – there are areas all around the airport where you can watch TV and there is even a movie theatre showing Sky movies with a timetable outside


  • Get a room – each terminal has a Transit hotel which you book as a minimum block of 6 hours then additional hours are paid separately.  If you don’t want a room and just want to lay down, they have dimmed areas with loungers (genius!).  Its not fancy but its basic, clean, dark and quiet!

IMG_0883   IMG_0881   IMG_0882

  • Work out – get in a gym work out


  • Freshen Up – there are pay-per-use showers for around $9 (no photos of people showering … ewwww!)
  • Shopping  – whatever you need, its likely they have it.  Except chewing gum.  But if you need Duty Free, books, clothing, pharmacy items, that little something from Harrods… they have it.  Oh and before you start buying, check to see if you are eligible for free Changi Dollars!

P1230202 P1230203 P1230222P1230226

  • Eat – both terminal 2 & 3 have food courts, I presume the same for Terminal 1.  I recommend the Vegetarian Indian dining in Terminal 3.  Yum!


  • Gardens – Changi has some beautiful gardens, both inside and outside – check out the Sunflower garden, or the cactus garden.  See the huge Koi fish or the butterfly garden

P1230211 P1230213

P1230230 P1230235 P1230240 P1230250 P1230231 P1230233

P1230195  P1230207 P1230186 P1230262


  • Games – want to kill a little time killing virtual people, check out the LAN gaming room


  • Internet – its free wifi – just put your passport into the read and it will give you a unique wifi passcode, or you can use one of the provided machines

P1230190 P1230191 P1230188

  • Swimming – if you have your swimwear, go for a swim at the pool in Terminal 1 – this is included for hotel guests at any of the Transit Hotels else you can pay-as-you go (again no photos of people swimming… again, ewwww…) 😉
  • Free City Tours – I’ve not done these but depending on the time of your transit, if you have 5 or more hours, you can sign up for a free city tour.

While we were in transit it was also Christmas so there were some very pretty Christmas decorations and trees around and they had a Disney promotion going on too.

IMG_0890 P1230223 P1230227

So if you are travelling through Changi in transit, check out the Changi Airport website for the latest offerings to transit guests.

What would you recommend to do in transit in Changi?  Have I missed anything?



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