On the hunt for decent takeaways – Green Leaf – Bishopdale


Green Leaf

We had important things to discuss, like holidays for 2016, so decided to get takeaways and have a chat over the meal.

It was decided that we should get Indian and this time we picked Green Leaf in Bishopdale.  This is a firm favourite with my brother and my parents who used to regularly have lunch there before my brother changed jobs.

This isn’t the sort of place where you’d choose to dine in, its definitely  more of a takeaway place, but they do have a couple of tables if required.

We placed ahead the order by phone for 3 dishes and one plain naan.  The curries we ordered were Kadai Paneer (homemade cottage cheese cooked in a thick gravy with capsicums, onion and tomatoes, cream and fresh coriander), Aaloo Gobi (A famous dish of India. Cooked with ginger, garlic with spices) and Malai Kofta (home made cottage cheese, potatoes, nuts and spices, mixed together and then deep fried and served with a creamy gravy made of crushed cashews and spices).

All the vegetarian curries range from $12.90-$14.90 and come with rice.  Total was $45 for 3 curries and 1 naan.

This served 3 decent dinner portions and 1 lunch.  The curries although they all looked fairly similar each had their own distinct taste.  We ordered medium and they were well spiced.

To be fair, I’m not so much of a fan of this restaurant as the rest of the family.  I’ve just find the food a bit same-same as many other Indian restaurants and I prefer something a bit different or something with a wow factor.

I prefer the food at Indian Fendalton which has a few more interesting items on the menu that you don’t see elsewhere.

Would we come back here again?  Yes, its was ok

Would we order the same dishes again?  Yes , they were perfectly fine

Would we try something else?  I’d like to try one of their dhals and one of their spinach dishes

Would we recommend Green Leaf?  Yes, its a good consistent restaurant, we have never had a bad experience here

Is it better than Welcome Vegetarian Cafe (our baseline restaurant)?  hard to compare two completely different cusines but I’d say no


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