Grandad’s WWII Diary – Thursday 25th March (cont.) – Monday 29th March 1943

Mar 25-29 1943

Click here for entry for Saturday 20th March (cont.) – Thursday 25th March 1943

… walked over in direction of Sweet Water Canal.  Housey in canteen again at night – watched patients down in Welfare Hut then went on duty.

Friday March 26

Day 720

Rather cloudy day – rained towards late afternoon.  In evening saw picture “??? ???”.  Show in Mess Room by YMCA Mobile Cinema.  Returned for supper then guard 11-1 – 5-6AM.

Saturday March 27

Day 721

Laid in bed all morning.  Afternoon continued game of bridge.  Weather becoming much warmer during day time but still cold at night.  Housey in canteen during evening for short time on guard 7-9 & 1-3AM.

Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942)
Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942)

Sunday March 28

Day 722

Beautiful morning – wore shorts for first time this season.  In afternoon took short stroll along Sweet Water Canal finishing up at Tommy YMCA Hut towards Kantara.  Free night off guard duty so played Housey then wrote letters in Duty Room.

Monday March 29

Day 723

Arose on time for breakfast after which did some washing.  Read in afternoon and at night went to No1 Tommy Con. Depot to pictures “Bill Hickock Rides Again” (Wild Bill Hickok Rides). Then returned going on guard duty 11-1 & 5-6AM. Although still rather cold mosquitos becoming troublesome.

Click here for entry for Tuesday 30th March – Friday 2nd April 1943



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