Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday 30th March – Friday 2nd April 1943

Mar 30 - April 2

Click here for entry for Thursday 25th March (cont.) – Monday 29th March 1943

 Tuesday March 30

Day 724

Morning spent in sleeping.  Afternoon played cards & had trousers altered.  Evening played Housey – then attended the Dancing class for half an hour – had one dance and then went to patients canteen and listened to Knowledge Quiz – after style of “Professor ???”.  On guard duty 9-11 & 3-5AM.

Wednesday March 30

Day 725

Weather beautiful – laid in sun during afternoon to get some colour up.  Daylight savings begins tonight at twelve o’clock.  Clocks advanced one hour.  Egypt is now 3 hours ahead of GMT and 9 hours behind New Zealand.  Guard duty from 7-9 then new hours 2-4AM.

Thursday April 1st

Day 726

Weather still exceptionally warm.  Time becoming rather monotonous.  Can’t make up mind whether to proceed on leave or otherwise – seems hospital will soon be shifting.  Housey at night – won a house but was only worth 50 piastres.  Afterwards listened to final of Quiz which VAD’s won.  On guard 12-2AM.

Friday April 2

Day 727

Sandstorm blowing most of day.  Met F Jones from Littleton – going home next boat.  Played cards in afternoon & house during evening.  Afterwards did guard duty first shift 8-10 & 2-4AM.  Received letter from Jim* – still camped outside Meena.

*Jim Wootton was his girlfriend Marg’s brother and would become his brother-in-law after the war.

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