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For the First Time in Forever

We spent our last day at Disneyland last month, hanging out at Disney California Adventure.  For our last few trips, we have found we actually spend more time here than Disneyland Park.  Often just soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the new attractions. It seems that there is always something new to enjoy.

For this last trip, the old Muppet movie attraction had gone.  It has been replaced by For the First Time in Forever – A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.

I confess, I am a Frozen fan.  I love the movie, the music and I’m always in for a Sing-Along.  I can’t sing but that NEVER stops me, I don’t even care if I don’t know the words, or its in a foreign language – I always happy to make up the lyrics!

Robert declined, so Mum and I headed into the chilly air-conditioned theatre (yay for air-conditioning).

Not a hint of the old Muppets theatre in sight, it was like they were never there.  I wasn’t expecting much, I expected a movie with a karaoke ball bouncing along during the songs.


Before the show the had a picture of Arendelle on it, the water ripples and birds fly across the screen. As you can see, we sat towards the back of the theatre, as I didn’t like to scare small children with my warbling.

Then there was the compulsory pre-show selfie of us “big kids” in the audience.


The show started and I was thrilled to see it was “live action” and not just a movie.  There were two performers who were the Arendelle historians who were telling the abbreviated story from the movie.  Essentially there to just link each song together.  Anna, Elsa and Kristoff all appear on stage for the appropriate songs.

(apologies for the slightly blurry pictures – I blame the technology)

IMG_9620 IMG_9672

And of course a glorious rendition of “Let it Go” which they performed during middle of the show and again at the end.

Love, love, love!  The children in the audience were captivated, little toddlers standing on Mum or Dad’s  lap for a better view and I could hear a couple of Dad’s singing along.  Way to go Disney for a fab addition to the park!

While I loved Muppets, it was looking very dated and it was time for something new.

As an aside, we were made honorary citizens of Arendelle at the end, do you think I can put that on my next passport application?



About The Sock Mistress

Slight fixation with socks. At last count, I had enough pairs of socks to last 14 weeks without having repeat a pair. IT geek by profession. Disney nut. 3rd world loan shark (http://Kiva.org ). Finds humour in the inappropriate. Holiday planner extraordinaire. Mum to doglets. Crazy Dachshund lady.


5 thoughts on “For the First Time in Forever

  1. We e never been to DisneyLand. We have been to Disney World. But even that has to have been 8 years ago. I loved it. Have you ever been to Disney World? If so, how do the two compare?

    Posted by The Daily Blabber | August 10, 2015, 2:17 pm
    • I have been to Disney World a number of times. I love both. Disneyland seems so small and cute compared to the Magic Kingdom but I love California Adventure, it’s a fantastic park. For Disney fans there are very good reasons to visit the other parks – some attractions are better in one rather than another. Disneyland is also so steeped in history.

      Posted by The Sock Mistress | August 10, 2015, 3:44 pm
  2. I’ve never been to DisneyLand, but did go to Disney World three years ago (before Frozen). I love the movie and Disney animation in general. Let It Go is my second favorite Disney song after Beauty and the Beast. When I heard it in the theater, it blew me away. For the First Time In Forever sounds like a wonderful experience. Reading your post made me smile.

    Posted by Lori L MacLaughlin | August 12, 2015, 9:49 am

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