World of Color at Disney California Adventure

For Disneyland’s 60 celebration, Disneyland changed the World of Color show on the Disney California Adventure lagoon to be more about Walt Disney.  The new show debuted in May and is titled Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney!

This rendition of the show is narrated by Neil Patrick Harris and while I like him as a presenter, at times he seemed to be the focus of the show rather than the tribute to Walt Disney’s legacy.

The show is in 5 parts.  The introduction includes milestones of Walt Disney’s life including the creation of Mickey and the conception of Disneyland.  The second part is all about Mickey Mouse, followed by the Golden Age of Animation including clips from many movies including Frozen.  The next section focuses on the creation of Disneyland and features some of Disneyland’s attractions during the sequence.  The finale shows a number of images paying tribute to Walt’s legacy including archival photos.

We enjoyed the show but I think I prefered the previous rendition, however World of Color is amazing and definitely a do not miss attraction at the Disneyland Resort!










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