Meeting the locals – Sandhill Cranes – Video

Here in New Zealand in our gardens, we get house sparrows asking for food.  In Florida, we had these two Sandhill Cranes going around the community we were staying, presumably scrounging for handouts.  We first saw (or maybe heard?) them over the road “trilling” to the people on the opposite corner.  When they didn’t get a handout there, they came to see us.

They were very bold and I am sure if we had walked away and left the front door open, they would have marched in.

Another family across the road came out to see what the noise was about, and since they didn’t get anything from us, away the cranes went to demand food from them.

Slightly intimidating with that noise and considering they stand around 4 ft tall.  We were very fortunate to have such a close encounter as they are an endangered species due to habitat loss.



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