Attractions to skip at Epcot – by kids (and adults)


Following on with my series about which attractions to skip if you are short on time at Walt Disney World, this time we are looking at Epcot.

Now I need to preface this particular post by saying that we spent virtually no time in the World Showcase or Innoventions.   The World Showcase with these kids would have been a total disaster, the younger two especially found little of interest at Epcot even in the Future World section, ‘Dad’ was right there with them too.   However, the oldest son actually professed Epcot to be his favourite park, he actually requested that for his “last day” and went with his uncle to ride Mission Space Orange, Test Track and go to Club Cool.

The Epcot food and wine festival had its 20th anniversary while we were there.  However even when we ditched the kids and their parents, with the heat, limited vegetarian options and the cost, we didn’t purchase a single food and wine sample.  I see all the hype about Food and Wine but can’t see the attraction personally.

Anyway, on with the skip it list for Epcot…

Oldest son (11) – Living with the Land – lets face it, he’s 11 and its about growing plants… 😉

Middle son (8) – Also said Living with the Land because “it was slow and not very interesting”

Youngest son (6) –  Turtle talk with Crush because “it was boring”.  This surprised me as I thought it was funny and entertaining, I was sure he’d like this one.

Dad (38) – Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (aka Mexico boat ride) “because it was not a repeatable attraction”.  I tend to agree with this one, but as the only ride in World Showcase currently you don’t have other choices of rides.  I think its cute but not a “must do”.

Mum (39) – Mission Space – she rode green, but said she wouldn’t want to do it again.

Aunt (41) – Soarin’ – after seeing the digital version recently in California, this version is dirty and blurry.  I love Soarin’ but I wouldn’t rush to ride it again in Florida until after the upcoming refurbishments due for 2016.

Uncle (41) – Journey into Imagination with Figment and Living with the Land  – he didn’t give any reasons.

Nana (71) – Journey into Imagination with Figment – because “I love Figment and would like to see more of him but that ride is very much for the younger audience”

So there you have it, attractions to skip at Epcot.

Click on these links if you want to see our skip it attractions for Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.



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