Attractions to skip at Magic Kingdom – by kids (and adults)

IMG_0582The final installment in this series of attractions to skip at the Magic Kingdom if you are short on time.    We did most of the attractions at the Magic Kingdom with exceptions being The Hall of Presidents, The Haunted Mansion, Stitch’s Great Escape and a handful of the rides in Fantasyland.

Oldest son (11) – When asked, he actually had two and he couldn’t decide which he disliked most. Firstly the Barnstormer coaster in Storybook Circus because “its too jolty” and the second being Enchanted tales with Belle because it was “too girly” (however he did say he liked the stage show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

Middle son (8) – Enchanted tales with Belle because it was too girly and also too childish

Youngest son (6) – Enchanted tales with Belle because he’s not a Beauty and the Beast fan, he said he didn’t like the movie either.

Dad (38) – Pirates of the Carribean because with the reputation the ride has due to the movie, it needs to up its game

Mum (39) – Spacemountain because there is no point having a ride that you can’t see where you are going

Aunt (41) – Barnstormer because its rough and short.  I don’t like rides where I come off with bruises.

Uncle (41) – Carousel of Progress – no reason given other than he wouldn’t want to see it again

Nana (71) – Mad Tea Party because going around in circles and making you feel sick… enough said.

So there you have it, stuff to not bother with 🙂

To see previous posts about attractions to skip, click the relevant links for Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

If you have to skip a park, right now I’d say Hollywood Studios or if you are travelling with children in this age group, maybe event Epcot.  You really have to judge for yourself based on your group dynamics.

I really hope that Epcot’s Future World is due for a major overhaul following the completion of Disney Springs and Hollywood Studios.  Future World is looking more like “Epcot of distant past”.  Its looking very tired and dated.

I’m looking forward to seeing Disney Springs once its completed and the upcoming changes at Hollywood Studios and the new attractions at Animal Kingdom.  But right now, Universal Studios is looking like a very nice option and as a die hard Disney fan, it pains me to say that.


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