Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday 5th July – Friday 9th July 1943


Click here for entry for Grandad’s WWII Diary – Friday 30th June – Sunday 4th July 1943

Monday July 5

Day 820

Had leave to Ismailia – left Hospital at 7.30 by ration truck.  Could not not see hand-bag suitable for Marg – plenty of wog mades but all very rough – decided to wait and go into Port Said and look around.  Ismailia rather pretty just now.  Flame trees all out in bloom.  Picked one spray for sending to Marg.  Truck left shortly after eleven so returned by same.  Swam in canal then started writing in evening.

Port Said
Port Said

Tuesday July 6

Day 821

Another usual day.  Canal beautiful & calm.  Swam same twice – but quite far enough.  Short stroll along canal in evening then wrote.smilin_through_poster_1941

Wednesday July 7

Day 822

Usual day of swimming etc Guard reinforced with fit men – just arrived in Egypt.  Played Housie at night.

Thursday July 8

Day 823

Just another ordinary day.  In afternoon received batch of mail – eight letters in all.  At night pictures at Tommy Conv. Depot “Smilin’ Thru”.

Friday July 9

Day 824

Did not go swimming today – too windy.  Stayed and played cards instead.  Again played Housie in evening.


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