Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday 10th July – Wednesday 14th July 1943


Click here for entry for Monday 5th July – Friday 9th July 1943

Saturday July 10

Day 825

News through today of invasion of Sicily.  This where the huge convoys which passed through canal have gone.  In evening walked to church arriving to read (news)paper but nothing in it about invasion.

Sunday July 11

Day 826

Little change from other day with swimming and walk in cool of evening after which began writing home.

Monday July 12

Day 827

Leave to Port Said.  Left hospital 9am – catch ride to #1 Hosp. Walked to main road where caught further ride to Port Said arriving there shortly before midday.  ??? ??? only shop with European bags but far too dear so decided on two pair pajamas.  Also purchased two Filigree Brooches.  Left Said at 2.30pm catching ride at MP Post to Indian Club where caught ??? truck to camp.  In evening continued writing.

Tuesday July 13

Day 828

Ordinary morning then swimming afterwards – received two parcels from home 42+3.  Biscuits & groceries.  Walked to church arriving in evening.

 Wednesday July 14

Day 829

Today heard rumours that Meaty* would soon be here – must finish rest of shopping.  Swimming afterwards – more ships returning…

* Meaty – I believe “Meaty” refers to Captain Garnet(t) Meatyard.   With my grandfather having been raised in the port town of Lyttelton and his father having been captain of a ship, its very likely Captain Meatyard was an old friend and was likely a senior officer on a ship at the time.


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