Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 14th July (cont.) – Monday 19th July 1943


Click here for entry for Saturday 10th July – Wednesday 14th July 1943

Wednesday July 14

Day 829

… from Sicily. Wrote in evening.

Thursday July 15

Day 830

Received Marg’s tabacco parcel today, no swimming today but slept instead.  Fit men on guard returned to Maadi – graded men from Helwan taking their place.  In evening did rest of shopping at Church Army.

Friday July 16

Day 831

Ordinary morning.  Received another needle in afternoon for Typhus believe we are getting three more later. – Did not go swimming.  Spent evening in packing parcels for sending home.  Began letter to Rona but get not do much towards it – could not settle down – evening far too warm.

Saturday July 17

Day 832

Morning spent in washing & clothes.  Swimming in, afternoon at night walk along Sweet Water Canal then to Church Army Hut.

 Sunday July 18

Day 833

News out today that Boys had arrived in N.Z. at July 12. – Usual swim then Housie in evening.

Monday July 19

Day 834

Heard that Meaty* was in Suez.  Applied for leave but Suez out of bounds – told may probably go down on baggage party on Wednesday.   In afternoon & evening wrote letters for Meaty to take home.

* Meaty – I believe “Meaty” refers to Captain Garnet(t) Meatyard.   With my grandfather having been raised in the port town of Lyttelton and his father having been captain of a ship, its very likely Captain Meatyard was an old friend and was likely a senior officer on a ship at the time.


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