Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday 26th July – Saturday 31st July 1943


Click here for entry for Tuesday 20th July – Sunday 25th June 1943

Monday July 26

Day 841

Made more enquiries concerning Canal, learnt guarded for six months.  Due early in Aug.  Played cards in afternoon.  Word through that Musso*  ??? had resigned.  Continued letters in evening.

Tuesday July 27

Day 842

Spent full day over swimming at canal – walked there in morning returning by truck later.  Played cards in evening.

Wednesday July 28

Day 843

Received parcel No.44 containing books & tobacco.   Played cards in afternoon then a stroll during early evening.

Thursday July 29

Day 844

Another ordinary day – usual swimming, in evening ??? to Knowledge Quiz.  Patients vs Staff.  Afterwards went on guard.

 Friday July 30

Day 845

Washing etc in morning.  Recieved third needle for typhus.  Played cards afterwards.  Evening played Housie.

Saturday July 31

Day 846

Swimming at Canal in afternoon.  In evening Boxing Tournament held between Staff v Tommy Conv. Depot.  Really some good bouts. After main contests two officers stage a burlesque bout – rather good – on guard duty afterwards.

* On 25th July 1943 Benito Mussolini, fascist dictator of Italy, was voted out of power by his own Grand Council


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