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Wordless Wednesday – That’s not punny!


Wordless Wednesday – I’m not sure what that means ?

Wordless Wednesday – How long should I cook this for?

Wordless Wednesday – Me after my last cruise

Wordless Wednesday – Do these glasses make me look smarter?

Wordless Wednesday – Blowing raspberries

Wordless Wednesday – Anne Shirley, is that you?


Wordless Wednesday – Batman! ????

Getting to know the locals in Barcelona

Wandering around Barcelona, we happened across this little guy.  We stopped to say hola but he didn’t want to know us… how rude! And a little bit of related humour… A butcher walks into a lawyer’s office and casually asks the lawyer, “If a Dachshund came into my shop, and stole a roast, would I … Continue reading

Star Wars Day – May the fourth be with you

In honour of Star Wars Day and to my geek friends… May the fourth be with you. Images stolen from across the Internet via Google.

Household chores are such a drag

Things that made me laugh in Myanmar

Let me preface this by saying I have a slightly warped sense of humour and I am very easily amused.  

Safety first! And second, and third and…

Who put the Cat among the Pigeons?

Photo taken in Gibraltar. *Throwing (also putting and setting) the cat among the pigeons is a British idiom (also used in New Zealand and Australia) used to describe a disturbance caused by an undesirable person from the perspective of a group.

Finally, my true love found me! … My Dear Charles …

Some weeks ago, I received this email from Captain Charles Freeman…     I haven’t replied back to My Dear Charles and I really feel I should, after all, he has shared his heart and soul with me in this short email.  But how do I answer? Perhaps he was meaning the Llama? My Dear Charles, through … Continue reading

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