Star Wars Day – May the fourth be with you

In honour of Star Wars Day and to my geek friends… May the fourth be with you.

Images stolen from across the Internet via Google.

last-person-kissed-jabba-the-hutt-star-wars luke-and-leia luke-yoda yoda 3gotye_meme_han_solo_star_wars_17s8l6n-17s8lef 89846-memes-star-wars-meme sw5 star-wars-7-meme-240x180 the-happiest-place-on-earth-240x180 meme4 disney-star-wars-meme-generator-cannot-you-feel-the-love-tonight-eb2183 disney-star-wars-new-empire-small



  1. Don’t know if you or your geek friends are likely to make it to Sydney any time soon but we love Yoda, a SE Asian rstaurant in Avalon, near Palm Beach. I’ve written about it a few times and here’s a link
    They have a May 4th night, which unfortunately we’ve been unable to get to do far but one day. xx Rowena

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