Getting to know the locals in Barcelona

Wandering around Barcelona, we happened across this little guy. Β We stopped to say hola but he didn’t want to know us… how rude!

Dachshund in Barcelona
Dachshund in Barcelona

And a little bit of related humour…

A butcher walks into a lawyer’s office and casually asks the lawyer, “If a Dachshund came into my shop, and stole a roast, would I have the right to charge the Dachshund’s owner for the price of the meat?”

“Absolutely,” responds the lawyer.

“In that case, you owe me $8. Your Dachshund came into my shop earlier this afternoon, and walked off with one of my prime roasts”.

“I’m afraid you’ve got me there,” said the lawyer. He reached into his pocket and gave the butcher $8.

For two days, the butcher felt great that he had finally put one over on the crafty lawyer. Then he got a letter in the mail from the lawyer: “Bill for consulting services – $200”



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