Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday 7th June (cont.) – Saturday 13th June 1942

June 7 - 13

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 Sunday 7th June (cont.)

 … between civilians & police.  Bazaars & other shops mostly closed.   Spent evening at Naafi (Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes). Arrived home at 10.45PM.

Monday June 8

Day 427

Squad drill – Gas drill then march.  Wrote during afternoon.  Received parcel from home.  On road block guard at night.

Tuesday June 9

Day 428

Continued on road block.  Finished letters home.  Shifting towards end of week Sixth Brigade relieving us.  Weather rather warm – flies numerous.

Live, Love and Learn (1937)
Live, Love and Learn (1937)

Wednesday June 10

Day 429

Squad & gas drill then P.T.  Small march towards border during afternoon.  Pictures at night shown by Naafi.  “Live, Love and Learn”.  Rather a good show.

Thursday June 11th

Day 430

Company parade then cleaning up tents – leaving Saturday on manoeuvres.

Friday June 12

Day 431

Down on all day aerodrome guard.  Left camp at 7AM.  Returned at 4.30PM.  Relieving company 25th arrived at camp taking over guard.  Slept outside at night.

Saturday June 12

Day 432

Convoy left Bab-El-Hawa at 7AM.  Meet rest of 23rd Battalion at cross-road 12 miles from camp then proceeded through Aleppo meeting rest of brigade on Desert Road.  Travelled all day.  Terribly hot.  Brigade halted on desert for night about 12 miles from Euphrates.  Desert different from Libya, more grassy & earthy.  Saw a few foxes & large birds.

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