Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday 1st June – Sunday 7th June 1942

June 1-7

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Monday June 1st

Day 420

Marched down near Turkish border and reviewed positions in case Turks go with Jerry.  P.T in afternoon.

Tuesday June 2

Day 421

Squad drill – gas.  P.T.  On drome guard at night – getting near completion of dome – bombs & explosives arriving.

Wednesday June 3

Day 422

Free day – wrote to Hilladons(?).  Played cards in afternoon.  Huge convoy of lorries proceeding to Turkey.  Driven by S.A’s.

Thursday June 4

Day 423

Early reveille – thought we were going on routine march but lorries took us to a village about 40 miles away.  Passed many old ruins.  Natives beginning to harvest.  Thrash seeds off by stacking crop then donkey pulling a cart with serrated discs around & around outside.  Had lunch by orchard –  most of fruit gone although plentiful in mulberries.  Started on return journey at 2PM arriving home at 4.30.

Friday June 5

Day 424

Another march to border then P.T and rest in during afternoon.  Rather dull day, blowing hard & raining slightly.

Another Thin Man (1939)
Another Thin Man (1939)

Saturday June 6

Day 425

Platoon on duty.  On cook house fatigues.  Weather still rather dull & blowing.  Convoys to Turkey still passing through.

Sunday June 7

Day 426

Squad drill & usual parades in morning.  Leave to Aleppo in afternoon.  Saw “Another Thin Man”.  Natives holding longer strikes.  ??? hoards of children marching through streets armed with sticks & smashing all uncovered windows.  Saw many fights…
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  1. Day 420 — “Marched down near Turkish border and received ??? in case Turks go with Jerry.” I believe this reads “Marched down near Turkish border and reviewed positions in case Turks go with Jerry. Day 426 — Next to last sentence: Great hoards of children ….

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