Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday 25th May (cont.) – Sunday 31st May 1942

May 26-31
Click here for entry for Monday 18th May – Monday 25th May 1942

Monday May 25 cont.

… Had great fun shooting dogs on drome – got three.

Tuesday May 26

Day 414

Arrived back in camp finding that H.Q’s had walked from Idlib.  Day off after guard.

Wednesday May 27

Day 415

Church held in morning then small march to border.  P.T during afternoon.  Received mail.

Seven Sinners (1940)
Seven Sinners (1940)

Thursday May 28

Day 416

Gas drill.  P.T & lecture on ???.  Marched to Roman Road in afternoon.  Weather terribly hot.  YMCA showed pictures – “Seven Sinners” at night.  Unable to start until 9 o’clock on account of full moon.

Friday May 29

Day 417

Early reveille – all day march.  Left camp at 7AM.  Marched pass drome then off across fields passing three villages and climbed highest hill in ???.  On summit area ruins of great monastery.  Lorry picked us up at second village arriving back in camp at 3.30PM.  Received more mail.

Pack Up Your Troubles (1939)
Pack Up Your Troubles (1939)

Saturday May 30

Day 418

Early morning.  Pay & cleaning up.  Leave to Aleppo.  Saw Jane Withers in “Pack Up Your Troubles”.  Most of the bazaars were closed, some dispute over shortage of bread.  On returning to camp – on road block guard.

Sunday May 31

Day 419

Still on guard.  Wrote in afternoon.  Flies becoming very annoying.

Click here for entry for Monday 1st June – Sunday 7th June 1942



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