Disney Ambassador Hotel – Tokyo Disneyland

If you are wanting to stay at Tokyo Disneyland and immerse yourself in pure Disney by staying at a Disney Hotel, you have 3 choices (from least astronomical to most astronomical rate per night) –

  1. Disney Ambassador Hotel
  2. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  3. Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta

Needless to say, we couldn’t afford to stay at any of these and had to slum it at the Tokyo Bay Hilton which is an Official hotel of the Tokyo Disney Resort and on the monorail loop.  Joking aside, it was a very handy place to stay for visiting the parks, but if I had the money I’d rather have stayed at one of the Disney ones – they are gorgeous!

I’ll likely cover Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta in a future post but for now, a little bit about the Disney Ambassador Hotel.

The theme is Art Deco with Disney flair.  Its located next to, and in walking distance of the Ikspiari shopping mall, the Downtown Disney equivalent.

The cheapest rooms in the quietest times of year, which only sleep 3, start at 30,000 yen, around $NZ320 or $US250.  At the busiest times of year, you will pay half this again.   This assumes you can actually get a room too, as I understand they book out very quickly.   There are other category rooms which sleep more people, or are in better locations or themed rooms, but you will start paying around double this price.

In comparison, I believe we paid around $NZ200 a night at the Tokyo Bay Hilton and that included a full buffet breakfast for two.

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Resort hotel specific merchandise (towels)
Resort hotel specific merchandise (towels)
Generic merchandise available in the store - lots of face washers and guest towels
Generic merchandise available in the store – lots of face washers and guest towels

If you are interested in shopping at Tokyo Disneyland you might like this post about the merchandise available.



    • Tokyo Disneyland was just all around amazing! I would love to go back. For us, its just as close as Disneyland California but we seem to keep going back to the USA for some reason, even though the Tokyo and HK parks are very cool in their own right. Very different experiences.

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