Flower market near Mandalay, Myanmar

One morning during our visit to Myanmar, we had the opportunity to visit a flower market near Mandalay.  Although we arrived reasonably early in the morning, it was still a little late for the market as most of the hustle and bustle had already been and gone.  But the opportunity to wander along the road to view the beautiful locally grown flowers was wonderful.

These flowers are sold by the local growers to buyers and then transported (usually on motorbike) and resold for offerings in temples, weddings, homes and anywhere else you might need flowers.

P1210434 P1210435 P1210438 P1210441 P1210444 P1210446 P1210447 P1210450 P1210456 P1210458 P1210460 P1210461 P1210462 P1210463 P1210464 P1210465 P1210466 P1210467 P1210476 P1210478 P1210479 P1210480 P1210483




  1. Someone should write to WP and tell them we need a “Wow” button next to “like” or better still a “Love it” button. Then I could hit Wow I love it and you’d know what I feel about your flowers pics.

    • I love these pics too, it’s funny how things like this really stick in your mind too, it’s on of my favourite things we did. I especially love the one of the girl on the back of the motorbike smiling back to us. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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