On the hunt for decent takeaways – Spice’n’life – Upper Riccarton

Spice'n'Life Ever optimistic after our fairly average curry last week, we decided to try the slightly dodgy looking Spice’n’Life in Upper Riccarton (Church Corner). I didn’t personally go, but by all accounts the decor isn’t all that, but on the bright side, the clientele is Indian – a good sign. And this is a good example of not judging by appearances. This was quite frankly some of the best Indian food I have eaten in ages! We had Aloo Gobi and Khadai Paneer – again as per last week, but comparing them was like night and day.  Both were medium spicy and flavourful.  The Naan was perfect, not too oily and not tough like last weeks. The potato and cauliflower were cooked perfectly.  The paneer was generous.  Both dishes were fairly dry and not at all creamy. I can’t wait to go back and try more of their offerings! Their menu has most of the usual suspects, nothing that leaps out as being different.  A pity, but will forgive that if they are doing the standard fare well.  Menu is here.  Our meal was $30 for both curries, one Naan and rice.  There was enough for 3 meals (we will have to fight over the leftovers for lunch). As an aside, last Friday night we got Indian takeaways out at Kaiapoi – and I just realised its the same chain – and those too were very good. Would we come back here again? A resounding YES Would we order the same dishes again?  YES  Would we try something else? Yes, very keen to try other items on their menu now Would we recommend Spice’n’Life? Without a doubt. This was a great meal!   Last week I said skip Sai Touch of Spice and go to Indian Fendalton or Green Leaf in Bishopdale.   I retract these suggestions and say go to Spice’n’Life. Is it better than Welcome Vegetarian Cafe (our baseline restaurant)?  I would put it on par.  Completely different cuisine but I doubt you would be disappointed.  



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