Shwe Inn Tain Monastery – Inle Lake, Myanmar

Just near the market, a short distance from the main Shwe Inn Tain Pagoda complex (which will be coming up shortly in a future post) is the Shwe Inn Tain Monastery.

This handful of crumbling ruins provides a stark contrast to the bustling produce market across the road.

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the the history of these other than they likely date from around the 8th century.

You only need about 10 minutes here if you visit and there is no entry fee.   But note the only things to see is what is in the photos below.  Still a nice get away from the market if you need a few quiet minutes.














To see more about our visit to Myanmar, click here.  Upcoming posts about Bagan and Inle Lake will be coming in the next few weeks so be sure to follow my blog.

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