Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 19th May – Sunday 23rd May 1943

May 18-23

Click here for entry for Friday 14th May (cont.) – Tuesday 18th May 1943

Wednesday May 19

Day 773

Weather properly cleared – usual swimming during afternoon.  House at night – chasing snow-ball worth over £5 – not successful.

Thursday May 20

Day 774

Arose fairly early doing washing. At canal in afternoon.  Several large cargo boats passed on way to Port Said.  Surprising the amount of water that is drawn away from sides while ship is passing.  Four Liberty ships in convoy.  Guard during night – last to ??? week – changing to day duty in morning.

Friday May 21

Day 775

Began day duty in Sisters Compound searching wogs as they leave – but too shrewd for us cannot find anything on them.  Two shifts for day 10-12 in morning, 4-6 afternoon so was able to have usual swim at canal.  House in evening then wrote to Rona.

Saturday May 22

Day 776

Arose this morning for breakfast – very unusual.  On guard duty again 10-12 & 4-6.  While at canal large battle passed onto Suez – American.  Snowball went tonight but not to me.  Afterwards finished Rona’s letter.

Sunday May 23

Day 777

First shift this morning 6-8 then 12-2pm.  Unable to journey to canal for swim.  Received parcel from Mum – tin of caramels – beautiful.

Click here for entry for Monday 24th May – Thursday 27th May 1943


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