My Disney Collection – Disneyland Glass Plates

This week’s “My Disney Collection” item(s) are a couple of glass plates souvenir plates from Disneyland.

I got these both second hand so I’m not sure what era they come from, however this first one I was amazed to see at the Disney Archives on display when we were there in July.  I bought it online.

Disneyland Glass Dish
Disneyland Glass Dish

This second blue fluted edged dish is really hard to photograph as from all angles it reflects the light.  Unfortunately does have a chip in it so I hope to  be able to replace it at a later date.  I got this one from an op shop (thrift store).

Disneyland Fluted Glass Dish Disneyland Fluted Glass Dish
Disneyland Fluted Glass Dish


  1. OK. So if in my wanderings thru the Salvos or Vinnies I spot any magic Disney stuff do you want me to send a photo and then buy it for you. But I don’t know what people would say if I start buying Goofy memorabilia.

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