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Disney Cruise Line – Vegetarian Dining – flavour and labelling and lack thereof

In the past on Disney Cruise Line, we had two complaints about the dining.  The first complaint was the food was bland, the food in the main dining rotation seemed to have had all the taste sucked out of it and was lacking flavour. When we did our Transatlantic cruise back in 2010, the first night after … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 7 – The Final Countdown (the best of the best)

So during what is my last week in Dunedin, I have decided to do the Best of the Best this week with a revisit to some of my favourite dining places over the last few weeks. But before I do that, I just want to say how much I have loved my time working here!  What … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 6 – a bit of this, a bit of that

Monday night, I went back to Punjab Indian Restaurant.   Last time I visited back in week 2 didn’t thrill me.  It was ok, I gave it 3/5. I decided to grab takeaways on my way back to my unit as I was lugging my suitcase and a full backpack, so wanted to pick something along my … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 5 – Cambodian and Thai

I feel I should apologise for not once in the last 4 weeks having had Cambodian food in Dunedin – when there are in fact a number of Cambodian restaurants in town. I aim to put that right this week by sampling a couple this week along with Thai (again). So starting on Monday at … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 4 – Flavours of the World

Turkish Lunch on Tuesday found me at Anatolia Kebab House where I ordered their Falafel Wrap.  They have a choice of fillings – lamb, chicken, beef, zucchini fritters, falafel etc with your choice of 2 of  5 sauces – their “special” sauce, garlic, chili, sweet chili and BBQ.  I went with their special sauce and the garlic … Continue reading

Dunedin dining – week 3 – Japanese

I confess the first entry in this post was technically lunch last week, so sue me. In the Merdian mall there are at least 4 places to get Japanese style food, 3 sushi places and in the big foodcourt you will find Hikari Sushi.  They have a selection of sushi in a cabinet so you … Continue reading

Vegetarian Dining in Central Auckland

Recently I was in Auckland for work.   Auckland is pretty easy to find vegetarian food in, though it was more Chinese and South East Asian style food rather than Indian which I usually would aim for.  Though this was fine and made an interesting change. My first lunch when I arrived was at the … Continue reading

Vegetarian Dining at Hong Kong Disneyland

As a vegetarian, you won’t go hungry at Hong Kong Disneyland. I believe there is at least one vegetarian option on every menu – and its interesting food, not just a token veggie burger. US Disney parks could get some tips here. Of the 3 meals we had at HK Disneyland, they were the best … Continue reading

Qantas Meals – yuck and yum

As a vegetarian, I always order a “special meal” on flights and on my recent trip to Hong Kong this was no exception. Some airlines are better than others with their offerings. When given the choice, I choose an “Asian Indian Vegetarian Meal” which often is a vegan offering which is fine by me. On … Continue reading

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