Disneyland Merchandise Summer 2014 (WARNING – lots of photos)

This is a bunch of photos of some of the currently available merchandise (and snacks) available at the Disneyland Resort (photos taken July 2014).  The majority of merchandise is available widely across the resort.  There are a handful of exceptions – the main one being Cars Land merchandise which is only available in Cars Land itself.

Click here if you are interested in shopping at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Click here if you are interested in shopping at Tokyo Disneyland.

P1190054 P1190055 P1190056 P1190057 P1190058 P1190059 P1190060 P1190061 P1190062 P1190063 P1190064 P1190065 P1190066 P1190067 P1190068 P1190069 P1190070 P1190071 P1190072 P1190073 P1190074 P1190075 P1190076 P1190077 P1190078 P1190080 P1190081 P1190082 P1190083 P1190084 P1190085 P1190086 P1190087 P1190088 P1190089 P1190091 P1190092 P1190093 P1190094 P1190108 P1190109 P1190110 P1190111 P1190112 P1190114 P1190115 P1190116 P1190117 P1190119 P1190136 P1190137 P1190138 P1190139 P1190140 P1190141 P1190142 P1190156 P1190157 P1190158 P1190160 P1190161 P1190162 P1190163 P1190164


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