Tokyo Disneyland Hotel – Japan

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is the middle of the pack in terms of the 3 Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels in terms of price.

The theming for the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is Victorian inspired with the Disney touch.  Its on the monorail loop at the Tokyo Disney Resort and walking distance to the main gate of the Tokyo Disneyland Park.

The cheapest rooms in the quietest times of year, which only sleep 3, start at 36,000 yen, around $NZ390 or $US305.  Like at the Disney Ambassador Hotel, at the busiest times of year, you will pay half this again.  There are other category rooms which sleep more people, or are in better locations or themed rooms, but you will start paying around double this price.

P1150077 P1150078 P1150079 P1150604 P1150605 P1150606 P1150607 P1150608 P1150609 P1150610 P1150611 P1150612 P1150613 P1150614 P1150615 P1150618 P1150619 P1150620
I particularly liked the Victorian Doll’s House with its lovely, Disney appointed rooms and characters.  Sorry the photos of this are not very clear, I got a lot of reflection off the glass.

Victorian Doll's House

P1150622 P1150623 P1150624 P1150626 P1150627 P1150628 P1150629 P1150630 P1150631 P1150632 P1150633

Again there is Disneyland Hotel Resort specific merchandise.P1150635 P1150636

If you are interested in shopping at Tokyo Disneyland Resort you might like this post about the merchandise available.



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