Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday 24th November – Saturday 28th November 1942

Nov 24-28

Click here for entry for Tuesday 17th November – Monday 23rd November 1942

Tuesday November 24

Day 598

Cash and Carry (1937)
Cash and Carry (1937)

Time becoming rather monotonous – absolutely nothing to do – be different if one could walk properly.  Receive Marg’s parcel with cake & wine.  Pictures again at night “Cash & Carry”.

(“Marg” was Margaret Wootton, his then girlfriend who he went onto marry after the war and was my grandmother) 

Wednesday November 25

Day 599

Spent morning writing and reading in welfare hut.  During afternoon watched Palestine Police v. Con. Camp at football – good game score 9-0.  Played Housie at night then pictures.

Thursday November 26

Day 600

Medical Inspection – had plaster removed in afternoon – rather disappointed as now on crutches – wound practically healed.  Difficult to walk through sand with crutches, on account of this did not go to pictures.  Received letter from B Leathem. With plaster off can now wear Battle Dress.

There Goes My Heart (1938)
There Goes My Heart (1938)

Friday November 27

Day 601

Had wound dressed in morning – rested in hut rest of day – pictures at night.  “There Goes My Heart”.  Some of the boys brought sand-bag full of oranges back to hut.

Saturday November 28

Day 602

Took advantage of going on free trip to Communal Farm.  Arrived at settlement at 4PM.  Community 80% self-supporting.  Run after the Russian style – all on same level – all eat in Community Hall.  Clothes and necessities supplied.  Children taken care of from infancy by trained nurses.  600 inhabitants on 300 acres.  Crowds of refugees from Poland and Germany.  All seem quite happy in simple way – would not suit in New Zealand.  All are ??? for certain jobs then changed yearly if necessary.  Attended at Dance Recital at night.  Israeli dances did not exactly appeal to us.  Jews still have guards on against Arab ???.  Arrived back in camp at midnight.

Click here for entry for Sunday 29th November – Sunday 6th December 1942



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