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Grandad's WWII Diary

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday 15th December – Tuesday 22nd December 1942

Dec 15-22

Click here for entry for Sunday 6th December (cont.) – Monday 14th December 1942

Tuesday December 15

Day 619

Massage relieving pain.  Received parcel from Marg & Jesse.  Went across to canteen in evening and played housie.

Wednesday December 16

Day 620

Still receiving treatment.  Sisters arranged for afternoon tea party during afternoon.  Walked to shade of trees by Sweet Water Canal.  Quite enjoyable & party consisted of 30 men, 3 sisters & a nurse.  A few games of housie at night.

Thursday December 17

Day 621

Received mail & remittance – money will come in very welcome but don’t know whom to thank for it.

Friday December 18

Day 622

Falling for You (1933)

Falling for You (1933)

Received parcel from home & Bill’s tobacco parcel consisting of 8 tins “Prize Crop”.  Y.M.C.A showed pictures at night.  “I’m Falling for You” with Jack Hulbert.  In afternoon watch VHD’s play staff “Net Ball”.

Saturday December 19

Day 623

Foot improving rapidly.  Watched football match between sub-station and Airforce.  Doug Lealy old cabaret set (not sure about that sentence).  More housie at night – thinking about time I won one.

Sunday December 20

Day 624

Church parade in morning.  Slept & wrote during afternoon.  Housie at night.  Does not look likely that I will be away by Xmas.

Monday December 21

Day 625

Colonel of Hosp. around with Mayor Bridge.  Toe has definitely been fractured.  Attended concert & pantomime produce by staff at night.  Quite good items.

Tuesday December 22

Day 626

Great preparations for Xmas.  Wards & canteen being decorated.  News that boys are again up the desert.  Weather rather cold night & early morning.

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5 thoughts on “Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday 15th December – Tuesday 22nd December 1942

  1. On day 622 I think he actually received 8 tins of “Prize Crop” cigarettes.

    Posted by suchled | February 7, 2015, 2:06 pm


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