Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday 6th December (cont.) – Monday 14th December 1942

Dec 6-14

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Sunday December 6 (cont)

Day 610

… Draft left camp at midnight for Hadera Station leaving there at 2AM.

Monday December 7

Day 611

Trying journey – daylight spent in passing through Sinai Desert.  Had meal at Gaza at 9AM. Many Aussies returning home boarded train.  Reached Kantara East at 5PM.  Transport carried us across canal to Egyptian side then along it to 2NZGH (2nd New Zealand General Hospital).  Admitted to Ward 5.

Tuesday December 8

Day 612

Much more enjoyable here than Tommy Hospital.  APR’s very excited leaving hospital tonight for Tripoli(?).  Doctor examined paw(?) – having x-ray.

Wednesday December 9

Day 613

Shifted to another wing of ward.  Had x-ray taken.  Spent most of time reading.  Wrote home & to Marg.  Meals wonderful – even received ice-cream for dessert.

Thursday December 10

Day 614

Doctor around but has not yet seen x-ray.  Had been down at ??? yesterday.

Friday December 11

Day 615

Doctor said no bone damaged – but may have to put leg in plaster again.  Sisters & nurses giving wonderful attention to patients.

Saturday December 12

Day 616

Doctor not around – heard nothing more about foot.

Sunday December 13

Day 617

Not having plaster – had strip of leather nailed under sole of boots to use as fulcrum.  Having foot masssaged.

Monday December 14

Day 618

Having massage & heat twice daily 10AM & 2PM.  Toe will not bend very far – having trouble putting on & taking off boots.  More ice-cream again today.

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  1. Day 611: Had meal at Gaza(?) at 9AM. Yes, very definitely Gaza.

    Day 612: APR’s very excited leaving hospital tonight for ???. I have no idea what APR’s might be, but could they be excited because they are going to Tripoli?

    Doctor examined ??? – having x-ray. Might the missing word be paw used as a substitute for foot?

    Day 614: Doctor around but has not yet seen x-ray. Had been down at boat(?) yesterday. I don’t think the word is boat I think it is the name of a place that, probably another military base or camp, where the doctor went.

    Day 617: – had strip of leather nailed under sole of boots to use as ???. I believe the word is quest ion is fulcrum.

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