Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 23rd December – Tuesday 29th December 1942

Dec 23 - 29

Sweet Water Canal  (unknown date)
Sweet Water Canal (unknown date)

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Wednesday December 23

Day 627

Still decorating wards.  Went to Sweet Water Canal and collected Green Brush.  Having one large Xmas tree for up patients.

Thursday December 24

Day 628

Finished decorating. Bed patients tree for our ward in our wing.  Sisters & staff at night came around carolling.  Although they are doing everything possible – does not feel like Xmas.  Come of over the air from Germany that Freyberg had been captured (Bernard Freyberg was in command of the New Zealand Army during WWII – I can find no reference to him being captured at this time)

Friday December 25

Day 629

Received presents of ???.  Patriotic parcel – cigarettes & Red Cross Bag.  Just seems like an ordinary day.  Xmas dinner consisted of – Turkey, Mutton, Green peas, Cauliflower & Sweet Potatoes followed by plum pudding & ice-cream.  Attended Church during morning.  Maori around the ward singing.

Good dinner – first turkey & mutton with green peas, cauliflower & potatoes then plum pudding followed by fruit salad & ice-cream – waited on by officers.   (not sure why he’s repeated the bit about the food?).  Received one small beer.  Xmas Cake for tea.  Church again at night.

The Amazing Adventure - also known as The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss (1936)
The Amazing Adventure – also known as The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss (1936)

Saturday December 26

Day 630

Sports & picnic held on far side of Sweet Water Canal – enjoyable day spent with usual picnic races.  YMCA pictures at night “Amazing Case of Mr Bliss”.

Sunday December 27

Day 631

Read most of morning.  Asked Doctor to return me to base. Visited Ray (Roy?) Sutton after lunch then watched football match between Navy & Hospital.  Received some letters & wrote during evening.

Monday December 28

Day 632

Just another day spent in the usual reading & writing – showery during morning but cleared in afternoon.

Tuesday December 29

Day 633

Have to stay here for a few days longer then maybe straight to base.

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