Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 6th January – Tuesday 12th January 1943

Jan 6-12

Click here for entry for Wednesday 30th December 1942 – Tuesday 5th January 1943

Wednesday January 6th

Day 641

??? confirmed – reinforcements arrived at Maadi – has smashed all hopes of returning soon.  Boys terribly disappointed.  Saw Roy (or Ray) Sutton during afternoon.  Discharge to Palestine cancelled until tomorrow – lack of transport.

Thursday January 7th

Day 642

Packed gear during day. Paraded for discharge at 7PM.  Taken in lorry to Kantara West then across the canal – barges leaving Kantara East at 8.30PM.  Fairly comfortable seats – eight in ??? ??? – much better trip than previous are passing through Sinai Desert during darkness and ??? area in light.  Arrived at Hadera ??? line?.

Affectionately Yours (1941)
Affectionately Yours (1941)

Friday January 8th

Day 643

Met at Hadera with bus to camp.  Drafted to B Company.  Rest of day free – slept during afternoon.  Attended pictures at night.  “Affectionately Yours” rather good film.

Saturday January 9th

Day 644

Medical inspection – Graded B2.  Receiving massage for foot.  Hut very handy to Welfare Hut & Mess Room.  Began raining during afternoon, continuing all night.  Pictures at night ______  Agent.

Week-End for Three (1941)
Week-End for Three (1941)

Sunday January 10th

Day 645

Still raining heavily.  Miserable day.  Slept during afternoon.  Oranges very plentiful.  Shame to see them wasting.  At night saw “Week End For Three”  Met ??? Collins.

Monday January 11th

Day 646

Paraded at 8.30AM.  Received small job in mess room – lasted only one hour but ??? parade rest of day.  Wrote in afternoon. Still showery & very cold.  Played housie at night then pictures “Oh Lady Be Good”.

Tuesday January 12th

Day 647

Simply teamed during night but eased(?) in afternoon.  On a small fatigue each morning – get out of parades.

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Lady Be Good (1941)
Lady Be Good (1941)


  1. Dear 14 socks (I really don’t believe that is your real name) but, your Grandpa seems to be having a lazy old time through the war. And you are doing an amazing job deciphering his scribble. So, tell us all and put us out of our mystery. DOES HE SURVIVE? Come on I can’t stay in suspenders for much longer.

    • If you won’t blame me for ruining the ending… Yes he survives. He returns to New Zealand, marries his girlfriend Marg and then has two children, Tony (my Dad) and my aunt Trish. He lives into his 80s.

      And you are right also about my name. It’s actually Paula.

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