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Snacks at Hong Kong Disneyland

Snacks are plenty and varied at Hong Kong Disneyland. For reference, $HK50 is around $NZ7.50 and $US6.50. Advertisements

Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

Kowloon Park was just a short walk from our hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.  The park itself is large and made up of a number of distinct areas you can explore.  From the sculpture park where we sat and watched people doing tai chi to a public swimming pool, children’s playground and even a free … Continue reading

Menus at Hong Kong Disneyland

The food we tried at Hong Kong Disneyland was by far the best I’ve had in any theme park, if you like Asian food that is – Indian, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, its all represented.  Western food was also available so if you want a burger and fries, you can get that too but you … Continue reading

Vegetarian Dining at Hong Kong Disneyland

As a vegetarian, you won’t go hungry at Hong Kong Disneyland. I believe there is at least one vegetarian option on every menu – and its interesting food, not just a token veggie burger. US Disney parks could get some tips here. Of the 3 meals we had at HK Disneyland, they were the best … Continue reading

Toy Story Land – Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland has a Toy Story Land which where you get to experience the feeling that you are in Andy’s back garden and have been shrunk down in size. Lush bamboo simulates grass to give this effect that you have “shrunk” and all the toys are then appear larger than life. Its a vibrant, colourful … Continue reading

Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise

Hong Kong Disneyland merchandise offerings are very different to those found at Tokyo Disneyland (read this post for more information of shopping at Tokyo Disneyland), in that its a lot more similar to the offerings found in the US Disney theme parks. A lot of the merchandise appears to be identical to the USA parks but there … Continue reading

Tips for visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

1) Buy your tickets online This is an easy process and at busier times of year could save you waiting in a line to buy tickets. You just need the confirmation details (just in case there is an issue) and the credit card(s) you used to buy the tickets. Essentially you put the same credit … Continue reading

Flights of Fantasy – Hong Kong Disneyland Parade

Flights of Fantasy is the currently performed parade at Hong Kong Disneyland.  Its your typical Disney parade with large colourful floats, catchy music, street performers and your favourite Disney characters.  As with the Pixar Play Parade at Disney’s California Adventure, this parade stops a couple of times along the way so small children can join in … Continue reading

Ngong Ping Village – Tian Tan Buddha & … Starbucks

Ngong Ping Village, where you can give thanks to the Tian Tan Buddha or to coffee…

Octopus & the MTR in Hong Kong – traveller info

First up, if you are a senior, yay you! You get really cheap public transport in Hong Kong, you don’t need to be a resident, you just need to be over 60 to qualify. No idea about fares for kids – you are on your own to find out that info. Otherwise hopefully the rest … Continue reading

The dogs of Ngong Ping Village (Lantau Island – Hong Kong)

I will have a post up in the next few days about the Cable Car and Ngong Ping Village but I couldn’t resist photographing some of the dogs there. Signs clearly said “no dogs” but these obviously can’t read 🙂

Push the talking Trash can is alive and well at Hong Kong Disneyland

Push the talking Trash can is alive and well at Hong Kong Disneyland!  I know many were said to see his retirement at Walt Disney World. (I just couldn’t understand a word he said as it appears he now speaks Cantonese in his retirement 🙂 )

Environmentality at Hong Kong Disneyland

There is a very obvious environmental awareness theme going on at Hong Kong Disneyland and no doubt more widely in the Hong Kong community. A number of times at Hong Kong Disneyland, we had to wait in line at the water fountains as locals filled up their reusable water bottles. This is something we always … Continue reading

Mickey AND Minnie Mouse ice cream bars

  Yay Hong Kong Disneyland for gender equally in mouse shaped ice cream bars!   (for currency conversion, $hk30 is about $nz4.50 and about $us3.80)

Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Lian Garden (Hong Kong)

A short ride on the MTR to Diamond Hill, gets you within a stones throw to Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Lian Garden. Both of these are free to go into. It’s well signposted from the station. The garden and nunnery complex are a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of busy Hong Kong. … Continue reading

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