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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

A couple of weeks ago we snagged a “locals deal” on discount website Groupon for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  The park is located on the southern part of the Gold Coast, about 1h 15m hours drive from central Brisbane and around 30 minutes from Surfers Paradise. We arrived early since the forecast was for 31C and … Continue reading

10 things I love about living on the Gold Coast

As I get to know my new home here on the Gold Coast, Australia, lets start with a few things I love about it. Winter – OMG, if this is winter, I’ll take it.  While we haven’t lived through a summer yet, which I understand is vile, these warm, sunny, 20C winter days are amazing! Bike … Continue reading

A whole lot of happenings since my last post

I’m not sure anyone has missed the fact I haven’t done a blog post since the middle of February.  I have a good excuse … my dog ate it.  Ok that is a lie, but I do have a good excuse, which I will relate to you, dear readers (or reader – Hi Mum!). About this … Continue reading

Myanmar / Burma tourist eVisa – applying online

Myanmar (aka Burma), back at the beginnig of September, launched an eVisa program!  At the beginning of October extended the number of eligible countries. To apply for your Myanmar Tourist Visa you simply go to official Myanmar eVisa website.   Make sure you read the Notice to Tourists page which has all the info you need to know, … Continue reading

Myanmar / Burma tourist eVisa now available

Myanmar (aka Burma), as of the 1st September 2014, have launched an eVisa program!  Hallelujah (and about time too!). Cambodia has had a very simple eVisa scheme for years and Myanmar has been a little slow on the uptake.  Living in New Zealand, the nearest Burmese embassy to apply was Canberra.  This previously meant sending away your … Continue reading

ANZAC photos by Laurence Aberhart at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery

On Friday at lunchtime, I popped along to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery to check out the ANZAC exhibit by photographer  Laurence Aberhart.  Previous times I have been to the gallery has been at a weekend when its very busy, but on Friday, I was one of the very few visitors. This made viewing this exhibit, … Continue reading

July Recrap – same old, same old…

So I was hoping that July might be a little more interesting in most popular posts but nope, you guess it… its all about shopping at Disney again… sigh. Coming in fifth place is Duffy the Disney Bear – Tokyo Disneyland Resort – seriously people, what is with Duffy? I don’t get the appeal.  Nasty little … Continue reading

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Postcard sent from Australia – April 1941

My grandfather sent this postcard home in April 1941 on his way to serve in North Africa during World War 2. I am not sure if it was sent to his Mum or his girlfriend Marg (who he later married and became my grandmother).   To read the diary entries around this time, click here. All my love Hope … Continue reading

May Recrap & Disney is a landslide winner!

Wow, what a bunch of Disney geeks enthusists you all are! The 5th most viewed post in May was originally was posted back in January.  Also note, as confirmed by a recent Podcast I listened to, this does also apply to Australians visiting Disneyland! 5.  Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers I am guessing … Continue reading

Vivid Sydney – Festival of Light, Music and Ideas

Let me start by saying how much I love Sydney, its a fabulous, vibrant city set on the most spectacular harbour.   There is heaps to do and certainly for us Kiwi’s, its great for a long weekend or even a proper holiday.   Its certainly well known for its Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (which … Continue reading

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