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Doglets go to the beach

It was a drizzly autumn day last weekend, and as dachshunds are fair weather doglets only, we decided to chance it and hope for the best with a trip to the beach. Good decision, as it cleared a bit while we were at the beach, and the doglets could have a good run around and … Continue reading

Alice and Celia go walkies in the Red Zone (photo heavy)

Over the weekend Alice and Celia were invited to go on a rabbit hunting expedition in the Red Zone.  Following the devastating earthquakes in 2011, many parts of Christchurch are no longer deemed habitable and are now known as the Red Zone. This area is shown on the map to the right and the area we … Continue reading

Another failed adoption

Last weekend we had a home visit from a woman and her wee sausage doglet who needed a new home due to changed circumstances. So a popular topic of conversation over the following days was choosing a new name, as her current one was a bit too similar to “Celia”. We went backwards and forwards … Continue reading

Celia – Celebrating one year since rescue

1 year and 1 week ago we lost Hugo, and then a year ago we rescued Celia. Her life has changed completely in the last year.  The day I picked her up from the breeder she was a stinking, matted, very depressed dog with a large hotspot (weeping eczema).  My partner said “what is that thing?” … Continue reading

Heartbroken – Love and Loss – 1 year on

1 year ago today, I was busy working in Taupo for the weekend.  I rang home as I usually do.  “Hugo died“.  Heartbroken, no other word for it.  😦 That probably was the hardest weekend of work in my life.  It was all I could do to not cry whenever I thought about him. My … Continue reading

I love old dogs and I cannot lie

I love old dogs! There is something about giving a home to an older animal that is so rewarding. We have just recently looked after a friends mini dachshund for a week while she went on a well deserved holiday. They are great wee girls – Penny aged 2 and Mina aged 1. Sweet babies … Continue reading

GIVEAWAY – to celebrate 1000 followers – dachshund fridge magnet

In the past few days here at 14 Weeks Worth of Socks we have just achieved the milestone of 1000 followers.  To celebrate this, we are  going to have another giveaway. This time, the prize is a super cute hotdog dachshund fridge magnet. To enter the draw, just comment on this post as to what you like about … Continue reading

Doglets go to the beach

A friend asked if we wanted to meet with Alice and Celia at the beach with some other sausagey friends on Saturday.  We don’t live near the beach, its about 30 minutes away, so its a place we never take our doglets.  We aren’t consciously avoiding it, just we tend to go to parks nearer home. We had … Continue reading

Visiting Grandma

Celia over the last couple of months has really started letting us know what she likes.  The list is starting to get quite long.  From a quiet, timid wee sausage to a bouncing, exuberant girl, she’s a completely different dog than when we got her nearly 9 months ago. On the list of things she … Continue reading

Doglets go on holiday

This past weekend we went to Picton to visit with some friends who were travelling through on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Alice and Celia had never been on holiday before, at least not with us, so we weren’t entirely sure how they would go. They had the best holiday ever! In planning for the trip, even … Continue reading

The love of my life …

Alice – photo taken by Furkidz Photography When the whole gay marriage argument was going on, one of the ridiculous things I heard was that next on the list would be people wanting to marry their dog.  Up until that point, it wasn’t something I had considered, and after careful thought, I have decided that … Continue reading

The joy of a rescue pet

While out walking Celia and Alice this afternoon, we spoke to a neighbour who also recently took in an 8 year old Irish Setter. We mentioned that Celia was a rescue and shortly after arrival ate the couch, curtains, bedsheets etc.  The lovely neighbour just shrugged and said her new boy has eaten numerous shoes … Continue reading

The never meant to be dog

All week we have been excited and planning to meet the maybe possible dog. Yesterday we drove all the way from Christchurch to Queenstown to pick her up. We’d finally managed to short list 3 names and in a few short hours, this morning we were due to go and visit and unless something really … Continue reading

I think my cat is broken…

Although I usually blog about my dogs, I actually have two earthquake rescue, elderly Burmese cats.  They are both gorgeous boys! Buster, appears to be faulty though, something wrong with his equilibrium perhaps?  We have found that you only have to look like you are about to talk to him, and he falls over. Eventually … Continue reading

The maybe possible dog… who needs a name.

Every once in a while you see an article in the paper regarding some ridiculous name people have tried to, or successfully named their child. Naming a child isn’t anything I’ve ever had to or will do.  However I have been responsible for naming of a new dog, cat, pet of some description. While many … Continue reading

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